Education is Key

Girls at Ubaya Girls library; education is keyLibrary

By: Munira Khalif

Malnutrition and conflict have always been major issues facing developing countries, especially those in eastern Africa.  ARAHA has been at the forefront in helping to alleviate these problems through immediate crisis relief.  Many of these issues can be traced back to a lack of access to a quality education.

Education has the power to transform the lives of both individuals and communities. Furthermore it is imperative to target the education of women and girls. Because an educated woman means an empowered family and community. It is through the education of women and girls that we can begin to create sustainable change that counteracts the aforementioned problems.

ARAHA was approached by young people motivated to help empower and educate girls in the Horn of Africa through education. They envisioned a youth-led movement that worked to ensure that girls would not only attend school, but remain in school.  They subscribed to the idea that when girls are educated, economies blossom, living standards increase, and a cycle of development is spurred. Thus,  Lighting The Way campaign was born.

ubaya girls library, improving education With Lighting the Way, we have worked to build multiple libraries serving hundreds of students, sponsored 20 professors at Gardho University to ensure quality educators, and provided school supplies and scholarships for both students in primary school and university. Sponsoring 203 University students, we have helped young scholars in a variety of fields from Business Administration to Law.

As we continue to advocate for the empowerment and education of young people in East Africa, especially girls, we hope you can join us!

Please check out both ARAHA and Lighting the Way’s website to find out more information and become a champion yourself.



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