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Join us in providing food baskets for Eritrean refugees in Sudan
Raised $4,025 | 81%
Join us in supporting 20 orphans in Eritrean refugee camps in Sudan.
Raised $1,165 | 12%
This campaign is to help those elderly who do not have anyone to ta...
Raised $1,970 | 10%
Our girls are our future, and they need to be empowered by their bo...
Raised $395 | 11%
Drinking water is only available in this village ( Dorhaib & Qi...
Raised $5,000 | 100%
EMC Relief Group Is starting its 10th annual Romedan and Eid Campai...
Raised $23,877 | 80%
Assalamu alaikum Join in the goodness of building a wa...
Raised $4,725 | 126%
We have started this campaign as a way for friends and family to ce...
Raised $5,100 | 102%
More than 33,000 Ethiopians crossed the border to Sudan fleeing the...
Raised $9,340 | 37%
We at ARAHA are heartbroken to share the news of the passing of one...
Raised $18,437 | 74%
The Muslim community of Columbus, Ohio are raising funds and awaren...
Raised $1,290 | 5%
CLIC community stands with Sudan.
Raised $775 | 26%
As a socially responsible business ...
Raised $31,084 | 31%
We are looking to have the well built with a finished structure sup...
Raised $3,025 | 101%
Organized by Asia Mohamed & Arapp Jeylanii
Raised $2,402 | 48%
On the morning of May 9th, Abdulrahman Adam was tragically killed w...
Raised $7,520 | 100%
Our Goals is to sponsor 20 orphans every year. The...
Raised $10,000 | 100%
Enjoining good has partnered with ARAHA to raise funds for orphans ...
Raised $26,230 | 44%
Through this campaign, we would like to provide Coronavirus relief ...
Raised $3,100 | 31%
We are urgently seeking your support to aid those affected ...
Raised $16,442 | 82%
We are collecting donations to build a well in honor of Oma...
Raised $8,312 | 111%
We are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of our Muslim brother A...
Raised $18,025 | 103%
We are collecting donations to build a well for a community in need...
Raised $3,739 | 107%

Become a lifesaver today by starting your own campaign.

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