Araha earns 4-star rating from charity navigator

Araha earns 4-star rating from charity navigator

"ARAHA outperforms most other charities in America.”

This statement comes from the largest charity evaluator in the country. For the third consecutive year, the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA) has earned a 4-star rating from the independent evaluator Charity Navigator, placing ARAHA in the top 14 percent of all the thousands of nonprofits and charitable organizations routinely examined for transparency, good ethics, and fiscal responsibility.

What does that four-star rating mean?

According to our most recent review, it means that ARAHA “adheres to good governance and other best practices to minimize the chance of unethical activities.”

It means ARAHA “consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way.”

It means ARAHA is in “a very select group of high-performing charities.”

It means ARAHA has a score of 94.09 for financial health, and a score of 96.00 for accountability and transparency.

More importantly, ARAHA’s 4-star rating indicates an ongoing dedication to the mission of alleviating poverty and building self-reliant communities in the Horn of Africa. By consistently conforming to very high standards of operation and governance, we ensure that our organization can continue to help those in need.

ARAHA provides a safe and reliable place for donors who wish to help those in the Horn: with ARAHA, you can always be assured that your donation will end up where it can provide the most help. Digging wells for clean water, providing food to those who need it most, building schools and community centers to provide ongoing sources of education, and distributing medical supplies to hospitals in need are just a few examples of what ARAHA can do.

To date, ARAHA has helped millions of people who live in the Horn of Africa, and will continue to do everything it can to help millions more. That is the true meaning of 4 stars.