Car Donation

Car Donation

Do you have an old car that you are looking to move forward from? Well, rather than selling it, you can donate the vehicle for a tax deduction. Depending on the condition, the donated vehicle will be sold to the public at an auction or junked. The proceeds from the sale will go to ARAHA’s charitable programs, and you will receive a tax deduction letter! This is how it works: 


Vehicle Intake: Form will be received by both ARAHA office and partner. If the person can't fill out the form online, they can contact or email the form to ARAHA at

Vehicle Delivery: The donor can choose to drop off or have the car picked up by our partner. We will work with you to set up the date and time of vehicle delivery.


Value Determined: Our partner will assess the car based on the information provided and the condition of the car.


Vehicle Sale: Based on the condition, the car will be sold to the junkyard or at a private auction, This information is sent to ARAHA, then ARAHA will send the donor a tax deduction receipt. 


Form Available Here