COVID-19: Impact on ARAHA

COVID-19: Impact on ARAHA

Dear donors and supporters,

We hope you and your family are well as we all try to cope with the impending circumstances and challenges posed by the growing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to the ongoing situation, we have canceled our Ramadan events, including our Annual Ramadan fundraiser dinner; unfortunately, this will have an impact on our work in providing aid for the most vulnerable.  As you may know, small organizations like us heavily rely on donors and partner support to provide aid across the Horn of Africa region. 

In the area where we serve; mainly rural areas and refugee camps, there are no healthcare systems that can handle such an epidemic.  “If this virus has killed thousands in developed countries like China and Italy, and also killed hundreds in Spain and Iran, you can imagine what the death toll will be in Somalia if nothing is done, Mohamed Mohamud Ali, chairman of Somali Medical Association (SMA), told Al Jazeera”. According to Mr. Ali, there is no single testing kit in the whole country of Somalia.  

Fortunately, the region currently does not have a large number of reported cases, but our team on the ground is assessing the situation and we are preparing to take action. We will be putting a health package based on their recommendation. 

We understand the incredible strain of uncertainty and social disruption this will cause in our community, with a disproportionate impact on those individuals and families least able to deal with the financial and economic disruptions at hand. However, your support and contribution are vital in these difficult times; no matter how small it may be.  

This is a time to watch out for each other; check on your neighbors and friends; reach out to one another and keep each other safe particularly those who are most vulnerable among us. We remain hopeful that we will get through this difficult time together, and we hope you continue to be part of the ARAHA family.

On behalf of ARAHA 

Mohamed Idris
Executive Director