Horn of Africa Drought Relief

Horn of Africa Drought Relief

Our Executive Director, Mohamed Idris, and Program Director, Jordan Greene, had the opportunity to visit the Horn of Africa this June. While in The Horn, they were able to witness firsthand the effects of the drought. It became apparent to Idris that the humanitarian situation in the horn of Africa region is alarming. The stage of famine is looming as a direct result of rainy season failures for 4 consecutive seasons and the Ukraine war's impact on global supply chains.

Action must be taken to help support those affected. 

UNOCHA disclosed in April that the Horn of Africa region is experiencing one of its most severe droughts in recent history, with more than 15 million people acutely food insecure in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. 

Over 3.6 million livestock have already died in Kenya & Ethiopia alone.

The war in Ukraine exacerbates the situation; Somalia alone used to import 92% of its wheat from Russia and Ukraine, but now supply lines are blocked.

The current situation is expected to be worse than in 2011, when famine claimed the lives of 250,000 children, mainly in Somalia. We cannot allow history to repeat itself. 

In many areas, conflicts and deterioration of security are rising due to food insecurity, scarcity of resources, and grazing areas.

Please consider donating to help those struggling with the drought and subsequent famine: 


Review our press release on the drought here: https://araha.org/blog/press-release-severe-drought-in-the-horn-of-africa