Kenya Fact Sheet: 2020 - Quarter 3

Kenya Fact Sheet: 2020 - Quarter 3


➤   Requiring immediate food assistance: about 1 million (July, 2020)

➤   Malnourished children: Around 370,000

➤   Internally displaced people: roughly 300,000

➤   Number of refugees: 495,000



New Highlights
Since 12 March 2020 when Kenya reported the first COVID-19 cases, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed a total of 26,436 cases with 420 deaths (case fatality rate (CFR) of 1.6 per cent), as of 9 August. Overall, 65 per cent of the confirmed cases are males, with 33 per cent of the total being in age group of 30-39 years old. Of the total cases, 98 per cent are local transmissions, including at least 733 infections among health workers.

Risk communication, delayed laboratory testing, lack of contact tracing/reporting and emerging stigma and discrimination against people discharged from quarantine centers, are among the key challenges identified in the response. The long turnaround time for relaying laboratory results to clients is causing delay in public health action. Uptake of other essential health services has reportedly reduced since the COVID -19 pandemic.

The Government has earmarked 40 billion Kenyan Shillings (approximately US$377.7 million) in funds for additional health expenditure, including enhanced surveillance, laboratory services, isolation units, equipment, supplies, and communication; social protection and cash transfers; food relief; and funds for expediting payments of existing obligations to maintain cash flow for businesses during the crisis.


Food Security
Seasonal forecasts suggest that a below-average October to December 2020 short rains season is likely. While pasture and vegetation conditions across much of the country are well above the median currently, a deterioration is likely in late 2020. Preliminary research suggests there is a possibility for a below-average March to May 2021 season, which will likely result in an increase in acute food insecurity in 2020 due to consecutive below-average rainfall seasons.