Sudan floods

Sudan floods

In the past few months, the East Africa region has been devastated by floods displacing close to a million people, causing much damage to livestock and infrastructure. Specifically, in Sudan, the devastation has been catastrophic, with over half a million people affected, and death tolls rising, the need for urgent aid is underrated. Entire cities and villages wiped away, people stranded for days, families separated, and even some women giving birth in the midst of it all.

In the aftermath of such a devastating event, families need aid to get back on their feet and rebuild their homes. Please join ARAHA to provide much-needed aid to these families. 

Our team on the ground quickly mobilized to assess the situation and provide immediate aid. We quickly organized a convoy to distribute food baskets, Blankets, Mosquito nets, tents, and still water treatment.

Yesterday morning our campaign was launched in Port Sudan in the presence of the governor of Red Sea State Mr. ِAbdullah Shangray.

Currently, our second convey on is en route to the city carrying 100 tents to shelter the 100 most vulnerable families. on a normal day, but with the destruction of the floods, it was nearly impossible to access. The water wiped out the whole town, its suburb, and cut off the city from the world. More than 25,000 people have been devastated.

For the first distribution, we had originally intended to start with 500 families, but due to the tremendous need, we divided the available quantity to cover 1000 families. (approximately 5,000 people)

Currently, our second convey on is in route to the city carrying 100 tents to shelter the 100 most vulnerable families.

We urge you to join us in providing emergency flood relief. Please donate anything you can