The impact of giving

The impact of giving

It was around September 2015, when we were able to provide two hospitals in Somalia with medical supplies that included 25 beds, 25 mattresses, 1 surgical table, and 1 Delivery table.  Not six months have passed that the fruits of the gifts had echoed throughout the hospitals.

Recently, Mohamed Idris, ARAHA’s executive director visited one of the hospitals on his annual trip to the region. What he discovered was excitement, joy, and gratitude.  In his short time there, he witnessed how the goods that were delivered were being put to great use.


“That is why when we give, it is not for others. It is truly, for our own good.”

Just imagine how your contribution helped; the donated surgical table helped to save countless lives, the Deliver table brought new life into this world, and the hospital beds helped the wounded and sick recover. is there a price tag that can be put on this? No, Absolutely not.  It is one of the most gratifying feeling, knowing that you made that kind of an impact on human life, with nothing more than opening your heart and wallet. That is why when we give, it is not for others. It is truly, for our own good.

It is also important to note that our director had an opportunity to meet and chat with Hilal Bouh, a Somali Sister from Germany, and the director of the hospital. Hilal and her team had managed to make this hospital accessible to hundreds of people, including medical staff in training. We were also inspired by the efforts of the American doctors who dedicate their time and life to lift and heal other lives. In this world of Philanthropy, everyone plays a significant role, no matter how small it is. We all have weights to lift, lives to change, dollars to donate, papers to fill, and problems to solve. But no matter what it is, when we come together, we can make large impacts.