Yemen refugee Crisis

Yemen refugee Crisis

As the bombardment and heavy fighting continue in Yemen, more and more people are displaced. This ongoing conflict in Yemen has left over 40,000 people displaced to Somalia. With most of them being of Somali Descent, and fleeing to Somalia, it has put a heavy strain on the government.

With  Somalia already harboring over one million displaced people. The additional influx of refugees from Yemen only makes the situation worse and puts on additional burden on Somalia.  Furthermore, Somalia is in fragile stability with little to no experience, logistics, or infrastructure in dealing with refugees. Although commendable progress is being made in Somalia, there is still limited access to hospitals, transportation, shelter, and sustenance.Families who are caught in this crossfire flee to the closest neighboring country they could get to, in these cases, Somalia.

International Agencies have moved swiftly to register the refugees and provide them with specific individual needs. As some individuals are lucky enough to have relatives or families in the area to go to, while some don’t have anyone, making the refugee camp their temporary home.

In between this you also have people who are far from the nearest refugee camp and are in dire need, these individuals and families are usually aided by the local community. For instance, in Qardho, Somalia, The University of Qardho took it upon themselves to shelter over 75 families in small classrooms. Although the resources are limited, it seems that everyone is pitching in to do what they can to help these families.


ARAHA’s Staff visiting the displaced families at the University of Qardho

With a region already facing drought almost on a yearly basis, a crisis like this could not come at the worst time.  But it also goes to show you the resilience of the Somali people. Even though a lot of them are in poverty themselves, they will open their arms and homes to anyone in need. So, it is our responsibility as an international community and fellow humans to step up, help an show them that they are not alone.


Our staff in Somalia distributing Non food items to Refugees from Yemen


With that in mind, ARAHA’s team in Somalia swiftly moved to respond to the crisis at hand. Knowing other organization’s emphasis was on food and water, ARAHA shifted it’s focus and was the first and only organization (so far) to distribute Non Food Items (NFI). We were able to distribute support kits of NFI’s to over 100 families in Berbera, Somalia. Each kit containing; bed sheets, cups, flask, mosquito net, kettle, soap, jug, clothes.  We will continue to do our best to make an impact. We all have the power to choose to make a difference, choose to change a life, and choose to help a child.

So the question remains –  what is your choice