Lifesaver Campaigns

Are you interested in making ARAHA’s work come to life? By taking part in a Life Saver campaign, you can engage more deeply with making a lasting impact on the lives of families in the Horn. Here’s how it works; Lifesaver campaigns allow you and your family or community to work together in making a specific ARAHA project in the Horn of Africa possible – and they can be a whole lot of fun too! To get started, all you need to do is decide on a fundraising activity, set a fundraising goal, and choose the ARAHA project you wish to support.

Here are some campaigns started by our supporters to inspire you!

Before starting a campaign, please make sure to read our Lifesaver campaign Policy


COVID-19: Horn of Africa Relief

We hope you and your family are well as we all try to cope with the impending circumstances and Read more

$380.00 RAISED | 1.90%

Mohammed Adem water well fund

Alhamdullillah  we reached the goal May Allah accept it as sedeqa jarya and May reward you for your effort Read more

$3,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS

The forgotten children campaign

This year’s campaign is to raise enough money to support 120 long term orphan sponsorships.   Enjoining good has Read more

$912.00 RAISED | 1.52%

Beledweyne Flood Relief

After devastating droughts earlier in the year due to poor rains, parts of Somalia are now being hit by Read more

$1,728.89 RAISED | 3.46%

Relief for Port Sudan Families

Relief to families affected by the recent violence in Port Sudan إغاثة العائلات المتضررة من أحداث العنف الأخيرة في Read more

$350.00 RAISED | 1.40%

Rootworks Sand Dam Campaign

Rootworks has joined hands with ARAHA in partnership to raise awareness and funds for the importance of building sand Read more

$620.00 RAISED | 3.44%

Water Well for Zahro Mohamed

We invite you to join us in honoring Zahro Mohamed's memory by building a well in Somalia. She was someone who always had the welfare of others in mind and wanted to give back to her community.

$3,230.00 RAISED | 107.67% SUCCESS

EMC Water Catchment for shegerab boys school

People in many areas of the Horn of Africa walk for miles every day to get water. It is Read more

$4,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS

Iftar Al Saem for the Eritrean refugees 2019

A Perfect Opportunity to Donate to Charity (Iftar Al Saem for the Eritrean refugee in the Eastern region of Read more

$2,693.00 RAISED | 53.86%

EMC Ramadan Campaign 2019

During the month of Ramadan EMC( Eritrean Muslims Council) Relief Group would like to raise funds for Ramadan food Read more

$10,285.00 RAISED | 73.46%

Orphans R Us | 2019

Few humans have lived through utter destitute, political marginalization and unthinkable living conditions like Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan. Read more

$4,315.00 RAISED | 43.15%

Pads for Shegerab Students

The high school for girls in the Shegerab Refugee Camp is a cornerstone of hope for the girls who Read more

$63.00 RAISED | 1.26%

EMC Solar Project campaign

Help Install Solar Panels at Shagerab High School   We are raising funds to help install solar panels at Read more

$10,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS

Holy Land Minnesota Scholarship Fund

Over the years our long-time partner Holy Land Brand and owner Majdi Wadi have made countless contributions to support our initiatives Read more

$0.00 RAISED | 0%