Lifesaver Campaigns

Are you interested in making ARAHA’s work come to life? By taking part in a Life Saver campaign, you can engage more deeply with making a lasting impact on the lives of families in the Horn. Here’s how it works; Lifesaver campaigns allow you and your family or community to work together in making a specific ARAHA project in the Horn of Africa possible – and they can be a whole lot of fun too! To get started, all you need to do is decide on a fundraising activity, set a fundraising goal, and choose the ARAHA project you wish to support.

Here are some campaigns started by our supporters to inspire you!

Before starting a campaign, please make sure to read our Lifesaver campaign Policy


Relief for Port Sudan Families

Relief to families affected by the recent violence in Port Sudan إغاثة العائلات المتضررة من أحداث العنف الأخيرة في Read more

$350.00 RAISED | 1.40%

Rootworks Sand Dam Campaign

Rootworks has joined hands with ARAHA in partnership to raise awareness and funds for the importance of building sand Read more

$25.00 RAISED | 0.14%

Water Well for Zahro Mohamed

We invite you to join us in honoring Zahro Mohamed's memory by building a well in Somalia. She was someone who always had the welfare of others in mind and wanted to give back to her community.

$1,400.00 RAISED | 46.67%

EMC Water Catchment for shegerab boys school

People in many areas of the Horn of Africa walk for miles every day to get water. It is Read more

$410.00 RAISED | 10.25%

Iftar Al Saem for the Eritrean refugees 2019

A Perfect Opportunity to Donate to Charity (Iftar Al Saem for the Eritrean refugee in the Eastern region of Read more

$2,693.00 RAISED | 53.86%

EMC Ramadan Campaign 2019

During the month of Ramadan EMC( Eritrean Muslims Council) Relief Group would like to raise funds for Ramadan food Read more

$10,285.00 RAISED | 73.46%

Orphans R Us | 2019

Few humans have lived through utter destitute, political marginalization and unthinkable living conditions like Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan. Read more

$3,465.00 RAISED | 34.65%

Pads for Shegerab Students

The high school for girls in the Shegerab Refugee Camp is a cornerstone of hope for the girls who Read more

$63.00 RAISED | 1.26%

EMC Solar Project campaign

Help Install Solar Panels at Shagerab High School   We are raising funds to help install solar panels at Read more

$10,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS

Holy Land Minnesota Scholarship Fund

Over the years our long-time partner Holy Land Brand and owner Majdi Wadi have made countless contributions to support our initiatives Read more

$0.00 RAISED | 0%