Lifesaver Campaigns

Are you interested in making ARAHA’s work come to life? By taking part in a Life Saver campaign, you can engage more deeply with making a lasting impact on the lives of families in the Horn. Here’s how it works; Lifesaver campaigns allow you and your family or community to work together in making a specific ARAHA project in the Horn of Africa possible – and they can be a whole lot of fun too! To get started, all you need to do is decide on a fundraising activity, set a fundraising goal, and choose the ARAHA project you wish to support.

Here are some campaigns started by our supporters to inspire you!

Before starting a campaign, please make sure to read our Lifesaver campaign Policy


Pray and slay water well campaign

    We are collecting donations to build a well for a community in need in East Africa, additional Read more

$3,739.00 RAISED | 106.83% SUCCESS

Memorial Classroom for Abdulrahman Adam

memorial classroom in honor of Abdulrahman Adam who tragically passed while defending his family and home.

$7,520.00 RAISED | 100.27% SUCCESS

Water well for Abdinasir

We are raising funds to build water well for Abdinasir also known as (Naz)

$18,024.70 RAISED | 103.00% SUCCESS

Water well for Omar Ali

Asalamualaikum. We are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of our Muslim Brother Omar Ali. On the evening of April Read more

$8,312.00 RAISED | 110.83% SUCCESS

COVID-19: Horn of Africa Relief

We are urgently seeking your support to aid those affected by COVID-19 across the Horn of Africa region (East Read more

$16,435.00 RAISED | 82.18%

Rapid Relief الاغاثة العاجلة

While people in developing countries are dying in thousands, what do you think would happen to Eritrean refugees in Sudan if we don't rush to help them? 

$3,100.00 RAISED | 31.00%

EMC Ramadan campaign 2020

EMC Relief Group Is starting its 9th annual Romedan and Eid Campaign. During this month EMC Relief Group would Read more

$33,354.00 RAISED | 185.30% SUCCESS

Mohammed Adem water well fund

Alhamdullillah  we reached the goal May Allah accept it as sedeqa jarya and May reward you for your effort Read more

$3,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS

The forgotten children campaign

This year’s campaign is to raise enough money to support 120 long term orphan sponsorships.   Enjoining good has Read more

$21,629.67 RAISED | 36.05%

EMC Water Catchment for shegerab boys school

People in many areas of the Horn of Africa walk for miles every day to get water. It is Read more

$4,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS

Orphans R Us | 2019

Few humans have lived through utter destitute, political marginalization and unthinkable living conditions like Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan. Read more

$5,715.00 RAISED | 57.15%

EMC Solar Project campaign

Help Install Solar Panels at Shagerab High School   We are raising funds to help install solar panels at Read more

$10,000.00 RAISED | 100.00% SUCCESS