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As a socially responsible business with a concern for humanitarian issues, Holy Land has partnered with ARAHA to provide college scholarships for high school students in Shegerab refugee camp in Sudan.  Education is a great tool for empowerment for many of these kids who are stuck in limbo in refugee camps without the ability and or opportunity to work, travel, or find other means of regaining their livelihoods. They remain in a cycle of poverty, dependent on charity and aid organizations.


This is why ARAHA has built two high schools in Shegerab refugee camp in Sudan. Every year over 80 refugee students graduate from these schools, which are the only ones in the camp of over 35,000 people. 


The next best step for many of these students is to study at universities, where they can further their education and pursue their dreams. ARAHA has put a scholarship fund in place for the brightest graduates.


With our partnership, we have so far sent over 50 students to universities of their choice on a full-paid scholarship.


With your generous support, we can provide scholarships for many more deserving students in Shegerab refugee camp waiting for an opportunity.


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