Orphans in East Africa relief: A Silenced pandemic

Ilhan Said


Asalumu Aleykum my dear brothers and sister. This year has been a very heavy and tough year for all us. Some people baring the heavier end of the burden. My family being a part of the many people who have experienced traumatic and heartbreaking loses. This year my family lost three family members to coronavirus within a span of 3 months. Our grandma, auntie and uncle have all returned home to Allah (Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un). 

First, we lost our beloved Grandma Habibo (allahu naxariisto) in Sweden in March. Ayeyo Habibo was the most kindest soul and had the warmest heart. She was everyone’s grandma and warmed up every room she walked into. Her soul and compassion spoke on its own. She made everyone feel welcomed and loved by her selfless bearings. Next, we lost our beloved Uncle Abdi (allahu naxariisto) to this horrible disease on 5/25/20. Abti Abdi was like no other and would find the humor in everything. He would put a smile on everyone’s face and would make everyone laugh any chance he got. He would make sure his loved ones lived a carefree and enjoyable life. He was a hardworking entrepreneur. He was also a great father. He is survived by his son whom he mentored his whole like on how to become successful and succeed in life. Lastly, our precious Aunt Sahra lost her battle to Coronavirus on 6/25/20. Her soul returned to Allah exactly one month after her brother Abdi passed away. Habayar Sahra was the light in our family. She was always happy and would make everyone feel loved with her sensational energy. She had a very pure soul and saw the good in everybody. She was extremely loved in her community and touched everyone’s soul with her exceptionally warm heart. Habayar Sahra was an outstanding mother to four of her amazing kids. Her youngest daughter is 18 and she caries her mother’s ability to remain strong through these trying times. Habayar Sahra was in the hospital for a whole month prior to her death. I never witness someone so strong. She fought a remarkable fight but Allah couldn’t wait for her to come home. 

Our family wants to organize this fundraiser on behalf of our loved ones. We want to honor their names and help add onto to their good deeds by helping orphan in need in East Africa. My family lost three family members to the Coronavirus pandemic but orphans in East Africa lose their lives DAILY to a pandemic. A pandemic that has been silenced and kids that have been forgotten about. They are in desperate need of our help. They need our support to help aid them with food and basic necessities needed to survive. They are facing crucial starvation and live in unbearable orphanages. Sadly, they are also affected by the novel virus. During these difficult times, we tend to forget about the people who are truly in need. We ask you to join us in honoring our lost family members and to help the many precious orphans all across East Africa. The crucial need for our help and it’s our job to help them in any way possible. We would greatly appreciate your support and any contributions you can help with. “Be good to orphans and the needy. Speak nicely to people. And help the poor.” The Quran 02:83 (Surah al-Baqarah). 


Please keep all the families suffering from devastating losses in your prayers and du’a. 


jazakallah khair


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