Orphans R Us | 2019



Few humans have lived through utter destitute, political marginalization and unthinkable living conditions like Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan. As fate had it, they were forced to abandon their beautiful villages and towns in Eritrea seeking refugee from skies raining bombs, ground set ablaze to settle ion unforgiving desert in Eastern Sudan for last 50 years.

Project  “Orphan R Us”  is led by Eritrean Americans from Southern California area who aspire to bring relief and empowerment to orphans dwelling in these refugee Camps.

Our Goals is to sponsor 20 orphans every year. The cost to sponsor an orphan is $40 a month which will cover the basic need of food, shelter and school material.

We ask that you make a commitment to support this noble cause.  Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size.


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