Self-Reliance Through Dairy Goats

NHS Al-Amal School


As one Chinese proverb goes, “Instead of giving fish to a person, teach them how to fish.” I’m a National Honors Society member from Al-Amal School joining ARAHA’s Self-Reliance program that helps encourage and support people in need of work by providing them with tools that can help them get an income. They would get their nutrition as well as generate income via this program. I would like to raise money for one of the most successful projects within this program, the Dairy Goat project. In this project, you can raise money to supply a pair of dairy goats to struggling families. The goats can then be used to supply the family with their nutritional needs or be sold in the market to get income. Also, when these goats have offspring, they will be given to another family to create a “pay it forward” system. Each individual goat costs $100. For every $200 donated, a pair of goats will be given to a family. 

Imagine all the possible benefits and long-term impacts that gifting a family a pair of goats could do!


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