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Famine can be prevented. ARAHA believes coordinated efforts can save lives in the Horn of Africa before starvation, a slow and silent disaster, devastates vulnerable communities. We can’t ignore the threat of a severe crisis due to the 6th consecutive low rain season in the region. Join us to make a difference and halt malnutrition’s advance during what is potentially one of the longest, most severe droughts in history.

Join the Challenge:

Will you join us? ARAHA aims to avert this catastrophe, but we need your support. Our plan is to deliver meals directly to affected areas and fight malnutrition head on. By backing our campaign, you can enable the shipment of 30 containers full of life-saving food this year.

Each container holds a quarter-million meals and $8,000 ensures its delivery to the needy. Every contribution matters, whether it’s one meal or more. Together, we can positively impact those facing famine.

Pledge Your Support, Ship a Container Today

1 51

Quarter million meals
= $8,000

2 52

100K meals
= $3,200

3 2

50K meals
= $1,600

4 2

10K meals
= $320

5 1

5K meals
= $160

Together, We Can Save Humanity

ARAHA has partnered with reputable organizations like FMSC and Rise Against Hunger to ensure the safe shipment and distribution of the meals. By stepping up to this challenge with us, you become an essential part of the solution.

Pledge your support today and make a difference in the lives of countless individuals struggling to survive.

Donate to our cause in the Horn of Africa and share your efforts with #STOPTHEFAMINE to inspire others to join this noble endeavor. Together, we can bring hope, sustenance, and a brighter future to those in need.

Be the change. Ship a container. Save lives.

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