CRISIS: Flooding In Sudan

The crisis in the Horn of Africa has grown exponentially.

While ARAHA has been working to provide drought-crisis aid to The Horn, a new crisis has arisen.

In Sudan, torrential rainfalls have begun, creating flooding that communities are unprepared for. The United Nations estimates that 136,000 people have already been affected by the flooding, which is likely to increase. In Sudan, 14,500 homes have already been destroyed, and 77 people have lost their lives. The flooding destroys property, infrastructure, and crops, putting people’s livelihoods at risk.

According to the United Nations, the flooding in 2021 affected 314,500 people; they expect that number to at least double this year. As with the drought crisis, we cannot allow history to repeat itself. The data is heartbreaking. In 2021, 80,00+ homes were destroyed, and 80 people were killed. Even worse, in 2020, 100,000+ homes were destroyed, and 100 people lost their lives.

ARAHA needs your help to provide immediate aid to families affected by floods across the Horn of Africa region.

Your contribution is crucial in helping to restore livelihoods and hope for families in need.

Sudan Crisis Flood

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