Dare 2 Care

By: ARAHA | Publish date: November 28, 2018

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DARE 2 CARE is a campaign designed to foster and build relationships between Minnesota public schools and ARAHA. Through the campaign, the school will get an opportunity to connect to the Horn of Africa region through different projects.

Many schools have service learning project that their students take as a requirement or as an optional course. This is a great opportunity to engage students on a project that will show them that they can make an impact not just on a community level, but on a global scale.

Opportunity for the school:
These campaigns will provide the school students, teachers, and staff an opportunity to learn cultures from the Horn of Africa, raise awareness about different issues pertaining to the region, or raise funds. The school and students will be able to choose the focus of their campaign; Whether that is a direct fundraiser to build a water well in a remote village in Somalia or an awareness campaign to bring light to the climate issues in the Horn of Africa. It is all up to the school and students on the choice of their campaign. The who, what, where, and when is all up to all the creative ideas the students, teachers, and staff come up with. In the end, the feeling the students gets from a sense of accomplishment, inspiration, motivation, knowledge, teamwork, and an increase in cultural competence far weights any funds they generate.

Some Benefits:

  • A sense of accomplishment for students and staff participating; knowing that their efforts will make an impact in the Horn of Africa, no matter how small or large it may be.
  • Opportunity for students to get their credit for service learning project.
  • Students and staff will gain a better understanding, and knowledge of these countries where many students in Minnesota public schools come from. Thus, building bridges of understanding and care.
  • Based on the campaign, students will be able to unite and rally behind a cause.


Some campaign ideas

Fundraising campaign

  • Envelope Drive: individuals and group competition which grade collected the most
  • Set up a crowdfunding fundraiser on our website: https://araha.org/campaigns/
  •  T-shirts & Wristbands possible school colors and school mascots or other ideas
  • Holiday Drive “break or Holidays” Week Fund Drive.
  • Other Creative ideas that School group generate.

Awareness Campaign:

  •  Cultural Event “talent show”
  • Class Room presentations
  • Rally Presentations
  • Poster boards
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Other Creative ideas that School group generate