Orphan Guardian

It is important to honor these guardians by providing them basic support and assistance to help them build a strong family unit and stability in which the orphan can strive.


Orphan Shelter

Having a roof over your head is one of the most important rights we have as human beings. Nonetheless, there are many instances where people can’t afford to have a proper shelter.


Orphan Health

When an orphan is not healthy, they miss school, time with friends, and life comes to a stand still. Your contribution will not only get them healthy again but will also restore their life.


Orphan Education

Go beyond basic, and join us providing further educational support for orphans. Your contribution can help an orphan who struggles in school and needs a tutor or needs additional school supplies.


Orphan Sponsorship

One of ARAHA’s longest-running and most important projects is the Orphan Sponsorship Program. For only $40 a month you can sponsor an orphan.


General Orphan Support

Support our orphan program with a small gift that will make a large impact in a child’s life.