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Band of Hope

As low as $5

Over the years, we have come to realize, more than ever, how valuable sustainability is to our organization and for the humanitarian work we do.
Stability is not something we can take for granted; The reality is many families in the world don't have this security. Imagine not knowing if or when you’ll eat your next meal or not having any resources to change your circumstances; This is the reality for many families in the Horn of Africa region where ARAHA works.

To provide some security and stability, we invite you to join us as a sustainer and help us continue our mission in times of ease and time of difficulty without interruption.

As a monthly contributing sustainer, you will help us not only to meet our mission, but you will create stability, and support multitudes of projects, some of which may not have had enough funding. Furthermore, but more importantly; your contribution means that someone in need can depend on you. 

Support | $5/month
Be a champion of our mission and be a general supporter of our mission.

Bedrock | $10/month
You can be a reliable foundation in times of need, be a bedrock of relief and joy.

Pillar | $20/month
Be a firm pillar of support for families in need. Be a Pillar strength.

Anchor | $50/month
Hold our projects firm, and uplift the lives of many. Be an Anchor of hope.