Band of Hope

From: $5.00 / month

Imagine not knowing if or when you’ll eat your next meal. Imagine not having any resources to change your circumstances, the harsh reality of not having your basic needs met; This is the reality for many families in the Horn of Africa region where ARAHA works. But what if I told you that you can make a difference in their lives with just a cup of coffee? Yes, a cup of coffee! This same $5 or more you spend at Starbucks, Caribou or any of your other favorite spots can provide a meal for an entire family in places like Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

 Band of Hope is a Sustainer Project that allows you to be a part of ARAHA’s projects in the Horn of Africa region.  From the cost of 1-10 cups of coffee ($5-$50) a month, it allows for your contribution to make a difference to the neediest people in the region.

Never underestimate your ability to help lift and strengthen the lives of people, families and communities. 

So give a cup of coffee today, and band with ARAHA to deliver hope.