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Cup of Hope

As low as $5

Imagine not knowing if or when you’ll eat your next meal or not having any resources to change your circumstances; This is the reality for many families in the Horn of Africa region where ARAHA works. But what if I told you that you can make a difference in their lives with just a cup of coffee? Yes, a cup of coffee! This same $5-$10 you spend at Starbucks, Caribou or any of your other favorite spots can provide a meal for an entire family in places like Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

 Cup of Hope is a Sustainer Project that allows you to be a part of ARAHA’s projects in the Horn of Africa region.  For the cost of 1-10 cups of coffee ($5-$50) a month, it allows for your contribution to make a difference to the neediest people in the region.

Never underestimate your ability to help lift and strengthen the lives of people, families, and communities. 

So give a cup of coffee today, and band with ARAHA to deliver hope.

For the cost of one cup of coffee, you can be a supporting contributor.

For the cost of two cups of coffee, you can be a Bedrock contributor.

For the cost of four cups of coffee, you can be a Pillar contributor.

For the cost of ten cups of coffee, you can be an Anchor contributor.