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Sanitary Pads

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Thousands of women face sanitary challenges every month throughout the Horn of Africa region due to lack of access to female hygienic pads. They are forced to improvise with unhygienic alternatives.  These alternatives put them at a higher risk for infectious diseases.  Having access to sanitary pads is not luxury for these women,  it is a basic human right, the right for basic means to cleanliness and the preservation of human dignity.  Not only does it impact overall health and hygiene, but also education; once a month, the girls miss around 5 to 7 days of school due to lack of sanitary pads.
For just less than $10,  you can to provide sanitary pads for a young girl to last her the whole month. Your contribution will help to provide pads for young girls and local schools so they can have an ongoing supply of feminine hygiene products to ensure the girls continue their education despite their monthly menstruation.