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Emergency Aid

When crisis strikes in the Horn of Africa, ARAHA mobilizes quickly to give families the support they need through times of upheaval.

Water Borehole


Essential for daily life and health, access to clean water is not always a simple proposition for families and communities in the Horn of Africa region (East Africa).

School Lunch


Through periods of drought and famine, ARAHA ensures that families across the Horn of Africa are nourished and sustained with Food Distribution.


Zakat Al-Maal

Flood relief, water delivery to drought-stricken areas, cholera medication, hospital aid. . .at any given time, there are urgent needs to be addressed in the Horn.


The pathway to opportunity starts at school, and ARAHA is deeply committed to ensuring that every child in the Horn has access to an education.


Over the years we have helped to empower hundreds of orphans across the Horn of Africa region (East Africa) with the support of our donors and partners.

Self Reliance

ARAHA’s programs are all guided by a desire to create viable pathways to opportunity and economic independence for families in the Horn.


ARAHA is dedicated to improving health outcomes in the Horn of Africa through a number of initiatives aimed at building local capacity and addressing local needs.


One resource the Horn of Africa has in great abundance is sunlight. Sitting close to the equator, the Horn is well positioned to reap the benefits of the sun’s potent and reliable source of energy to connect people to power and improve livelihoods.


Seasonal Programs

Make your Zakat Al Fitr, Eid Gift, Udhiya/Qurbani and more with ARAHA.

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