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Ayyah Jemal Mahmoud was a radiant presence in our family. Mention her to anyone, and they’ll speak of her gentle smile, her warm presence, and her caring nature. Though she departed this world at the tender age of 18, her memory remains deeply cherished among us. We humbly ask for your support in lighting an eternal flame in her honor, just as she illuminated our lives.

This campaign aims to construct a 3 housing unit in Sudan in Ayyah’s name. As you’re aware, Sudan is grappling with one of the most severe humanitarian crises, with over 9 million people internally displaced. Together, let’s build a home and extend Ayyah’s legacy of warmth and compassion to those in need.

Her sister wrote:

“Ayah has one of the most beautiful and warm hearts in the world. She is our light, the one who makes sure that everyone is happy, always putting others before herself.

Although she was very quiet around strangers, in reality, she’s the funniest person ever. She makes you laugh effortlessly with the silliest faces and jokes. I can’t remember her without a beautiful smile on her face.

When she was sick and couldn’t even lift a finger, she tried her best to show us that she was okay and that she was going to get better, even though she knew she wouldn’t. She tried to eat with us even though she couldn’t, and tried to laugh even when she was in pain. She was always thinking about us.

She is my best friend, the light of our life, the soul that never knew hate. She makes sure that everyone is fine and takes pictures of everything we do without being in those pictures. She’s an artist who sees the beautiful details in everything; she always feels others’ pain deeply. So, I hope with this campaign, she can bring the light and happiness that she always radiates. I hope that everyone knows her as she is: beautiful, warm, and kind.

Our Ayyah is a light and a ball full of love. Every time I remember her, I feel like I’m being hugged and full of her energy and ambition. So, I hope everyone remembers her with all her shine and energy, and I hope that with these houses, she gives the same place and love she always gave and had.”

For any questions, contact: Rekiamak@yahoo.com
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