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“Famine is never inevitable – with proper planning and coordination, it can be prevented and millions of lives can be saved”

Unlike other disasters, starvation is a disaster that strikes slowly and quietly. For those who have been listening and watching, the numbers are scary.

ARAHA’s mission is to alleviate suffering and to build Self-Reliance in the Horn of Africa. The 6th consecutive low rain seasons has created the recipe for one of the worst disasters in the region yet to be seen. We at ARAHA believe that this is completely preventable and choose to setup to take the challenge.

Will you take the challenge with us?

Our plan is to stop malnutrition at its root by deliever meals directly to all affected areas:

Help us reach our goal of shipping + Deliever 30 Containers of food this year.

Each Container has a over a Quarter of a million meals and sits at $8,000 each.

Pledge to support today. Even if you support pay for one meal. It will be as if You’ve saved all of Humanity.

100K meals = $3,200

50K meals = $1,600

10K meals = $320

5K meals = $160

Meals provided by our partners at FMSC and Rise Against Hunger will be shiped and distributed by our ARAHA offices in the region.  Step up to take the challenge with us today.

Donate and Share your efforts with #STOPTHEFAMINE to encourage others to donate.


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