Horn of Africa Drought Relief

The Horn of Africa region is faced with yet another severe drought. Famine has already been declared in South Sudan, while Somalia and regions of Kenya are on the brink of famine. ARAHA Teams have been on the ground assisting families by providing water, food, and shelter materials. According to our Program Director, “We are able to distribute food baskets and non-food items for hundreds of drought-affected families in Somalia and Kenya. However, the needs are currently far beyond the resources we have.”  We still need donations in order to continue providing immediate relief and aid to victims of this disaster.


Press Release: Severe drought in Kenya and Somalia | Minneapolis, February 2nd , 2017
Press Release: Horn of Africa Drought | Minneapolis, February 29, 2016


Below is a donation for  Relief packages that include food basket,nutrition packs for children, and water. You can choose to supply multiple families with this package.