Through periods of drought and famine, ARAHA ensures that families across the Horn are nourished and sustained. ARAHA extends a helping hand with it’s food program by providing emergency food baskets and distributing meat for holiday feasts in communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan. This food distribution gives families essential nutrition in times of crisis and allows them time to create proper resiliency plans for the future.

Food Projects

Udhiya Qurbani image

Udhiya Qurbani

Udhiya Qurbani is a practice done by Muslim communities across the world to commemorate the sacrific...

School Lunch image

School Lunch

Hunger is a serious obstacle to learning. Students who don’t get enough to eat lack focus, ear...

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Food Basket

Delivered to communities facing acute food insecurity, ARAHA’s food baskets provide a month&rs...

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General Food Support

Support our food program across the Horn of Africa region. your gift will provide nutritiou...

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Meat is a luxury that many poor people around the world seldom enjoy. ARAHA provides protein in the...