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Dr. Nafe Hussein was a loving husband, father, grandfather, teacher, mentor, leader and friend who served Allah to the best of his ability and sacrificed significantly throughout his life for the sake of Allah. He grew up in Eritrea and worked hard in pursuit of knowledge. He traveled from Eritrea to Cairo Egypt to complete his Bachelors Degree in Science. He taught at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia and continued his education in the USA to complete his Masters Degree and PhD in Molecular Physics. Shortly thereafter, he helped found an educational institution near Chicago, Illinois for the children of the Muslim community so that they could have access to and attain academic excellence in an Islamic environment.

Dr. Nafe Hussein returned to Allah shortly after Ramadan and leaves behind a beautiful family and beautiful legacy of students, community leaders, highly educated and successful professionals who attained success through the help of Allah while surrounded by some of the greatest teachers of our generation. Dr. Nafe Hussein and his fellow teachers touched the lives of countless students who were set on a path for leading highly successful careers in medicine, engineering, Islamic scholarship, academia, business, law, and life.

In honor of the beautiful legacy and example that Dr. Nafe Hussein left for us and for our children, we are establishing a sadaqah jariyah on his behalf. This project includes a well, community center, and school for the Eritrean refugees in Sudan. Among these refugees, there are many orphans. Dr. Nafe had great compassion and love for orphans and spent a lot of effort fundraising for them in addition to his work as an educator. Indeed we all belong to Allah and to Him we shall all return. May Allah have mercy on Dr. Nafe Hussein, forgive him of all his shortcomings, grant him Peace and comfort in his grave, and reward him with the highest level of Jennah in Al-firdaws.

We – the family, students, and friends of Dr. Nafe invite you to join us in supporting this project so we leave an institution by his name that would continue his legacy and become a continued charity for him.

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