Helping Shaimaa

By: ARAHA | Publish date: April 15, 2015

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Above: Majdi Wadi posing next to Shaimaa after the surgery

One of the most difficult thing as a parent is to discover that your child is born with a defect. Adem Ahmed and his wife were heartbroken when their daughter Shaimaa was born with Anorectal Malformation; A disorder that prevented Shaimaa from passing stools normally. They tried their best to give Shaimaa a normal childhood. But after living with a tube attached to her stomach for 5 years, it became unbearable. Although Shaimaa’s parents knew they needed a more permanent solution, the local hospitals weren’t able to conduct the surgery. The cost of travelling to Jordan and getting the surgery was out of their reach.

When ARAHA donors heard of Shaimaa’s condition, they were eager to help. They wanted to bring comfort to the hearts of her parents and put a smile on Shaimaa’s face. They collaboratively collected about $15,000 of which would cover the cost of her surgery and travel with her parents to the city of Amman in Jordan, where the surgery would be performed.

A good neighbor of ARAHA and business owner, Majdi Wadi of Holy Land Bakery & Deli, made a large contribution and hosted Shaimaa and her parents to stay at his home in Amman until they returned back to Sudan. As the worried parents waited at the hospital, doctors assured them that Shaimaa’s operation would go smoothly. After a successful surgery, Shaimaa and her parents returned home. Shaimaa is now 6 years old and attending school. She is enjoying a full day of smile, laughter and play.