Leave it in the people’s hearts

By: ARAHA | Publish date: February 21, 2020

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There are no words to describe my feelings during my last visit to the Shegerab refugee camp in East Sudan. I am happy and beyond blessed to see that our efforts are impacting the lives of thousands of people in these camps; I am sad and in pain for these people whom I called the FORGOTTEN. , living in extreme poverty, with no medical attention, and missing the very basic necessities of life such as clean water and electricity.
There are thousands of refugee camps and millions of people around the world living in similar or worse conditions and they need all of us to unite to try to make a difference in their lives.

A special thanks to brother Mohamed Salih Idris and his great team from ARAHA for partnering with Holy Land, and giving us the opportunity to be part of these efforts and for all that they are doing in the Horn of Africa. In the beginning, I was hesitant to take this trip but now after having made it the least I can say is “it was the best trip I ever took“ and a trip that definitely will change my life forever.

A very close friend of mine once asked me what I wanted to leave behind after all these years of continuous hard work, accomplishments, and success in my life; my answer was “a legacy to be always remembered“
he replied “then leave it in the people’s hearts“

I didn’t understand him at the time but after this visit, I understood exactly what he meant.