Lifesaver campaign policy

  1. The proposed project should be within the scope of ARAHA’s mission and geographic reach.
  2. Campaign timeframe is limited to six months with a max of one year with approval.
  3. Campaign initiators should set realistic financial goal that can be achieved by them.
  4. ARAHA will be fully responsible for implementing the project
  5. There will be no monetary gain for the project set up.
  6. The funds for the project is non-transferable.
  7. If the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, ARAHA reserves the right to use the funds for most appropriate project in the same country mentioned in the campaign.
  8. You will be fully responsible for promoting your campaign to family, friends, coworkers and supporters.
  9. ARAHA reserves the right to share your campaign on our social media outlets, website, email, print etc.
  10. Collected funds will be applied entirely for the intended project and ARAHA will not charge any percentage for overhead.  Credit card processing fees will be part of ARAHA’s contribution to the campaign.