Meal for Meal Campaign


meal for meal campaign


The Meal for Meal campaign offers an opportunity for your restaurant to partner with a well-established, community-based relief and development agency to bring emergency food assistance to villages in the Horn of Africa. By giving customers the opportunity to donate $5, you will have a direct impact on combatting hunger in the Horn while engaging meaningfully with issues important to many of its customers.


Through this partnership, ARAHA seeks to establish connections with a business that has high visibility in the East African community in Minnesota, as well as representing an important reference point of East African culture to outsiders. The funds raised will go toward ARAHA’s emergency food assistance distribution programs across the Horn of Africa region, and publicity generated through the campaign will help to expand ARAHA’s awareness and donor base in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


Your restaurant will have the opportunity to work in close partnership with ARAHA  to implement this project. The project will allow customers to add a $5 (or greater) donation to the cost of their meal, which will go toward the Meal for Meal campaign. This will be of no interference to your business, as customers will pick up donation tickets at their table or at the register. You will also have an opportunity to match the donations.

Opportunity for your business:

In addition to the direct benefit of supporting the nourishment of hundreds of families in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan – ARAHA estimates 100-300 families could be fed with the funds raised from your restaurant –You would have the opportunity to establish your reputation as a socially-conscious dining option in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The positive attention generated by this campaign would not only encourage new customers, but it would increase your brand loyalty among existing customers by showing that the restaurant cares about causes important to the East African community of Minnesota. You would also have the opportunity to bring more goodness to your restaurant by matching the donations at the end of the month or the end of the campaign.

What we will do for you:

  • Add you as a participating restaurant and a partner on our website reaching close to 10,000 users a month. As well as mention your impact numbers.
  • Include your logo and link in our quarterly e-newsletter reaching over 3,000 subscribers.
  • Share update on your partnership on our online social network reaching over 10,000 people.
  • We will have a display with your logo at our booth when we attend various conventions and events. Potential of reaching a minimum of 3,000-5,000 people.

The Benefits:

  • Combat malnutrition in the Horn of Africa
  • Drive brand loyalty among existing customers
  • Establish reputation as a socially-conscious restaurant
  • Attract new customers
  • Be featured as a partner with ARAHA. 

Opportunity for ARAHA:

This campaign will allow ARAHA to expand its emergency food assistance program in the Horn of Africa to an additional 100-300 families, combatting malnutrition and giving families time to develop sustainable plans for the future. The Meal for Meal campaign will also give ARAHA the opportunity to grow its name recognition among people interested in East African culture, ideally contributing to an expanded donor base and increased awareness about the situation in the Horn.

What you will do for us:

  • Display the meal for meal campaign tickets at the register and/or each table, so that customers can pick them up.
  • You can mention us as a partner on your website and social media platforms to drive reputation as a socially-conscious restaurant
  • Submit donations at the end of each month; may choose to match.
  • Provide us space to place our printed materials (newsletter, brochure etc)

The benefits:

  • Collaborate with a local business
  • Expand emergency food assistance program
  • Grow name recognition and donor base
  • Increase awareness of situation in the Horn


The Meal for Meal campaign has the potential to create new opportunities for both the participating restaurant and ARAHA, while making measurable improvements in the lives of thousands in the Horn of Africa. This collaboration is about more than food assistance, more than brand loyalty, more than donor support. It is all of these things, and yet at its heart, this partnership is about connecting the community-mindedness of your customers with human needs in the Horn of Africa. It is about making sure everyone has something wholesome to eat.

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Meal for Meal

Register your restaurant today with the Meal for Meal campaign to make an impact in the Horn of Africa region.
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