ARAHA’s programs are all guided by a desire to create viable pathways to opportunity and economic independence for families in the Horn. Projects in the self-reliance program area specifically encourage and support the entrepreneurial thinking and community solutions of ARAHA beneficiaries by providing them with the tools they need to thrive.

Family Shelter

Self-reliance is, in many ways, a reflection of stability, and ARAHA’s self-reliance programs seek to cultivate that sense of stability and opportunity in even the most challenging circumstances. By constructing shelters for families who have been displaced, ARAHA brings the safety and dignity of a secure shelter to people in need of such measures of […]


Micro Finance

Many of the best projects to promote self-reliance in the Horn are the result of new ideas or creative solutions from community members. ARAHA’s micro finance program acknowledges the wealth of these community solutions in the Horn of Africa and seeks to provide small amounts of start-up funding to support entrepreneurial ideas proposed by members […]


Donkey Cart

In a region where transportation options are often limited and prohibitively expensive, small carts attached to donkeys offer an efficient means of transporting people or goods across moderate distances. These services improve the functioning and connectivity of communities, while simultaneously creating an opportunity for cart owners to generate income. As a means of stimulating this […]


Dairy Cow

Grounded in similar logic to the dairy goat program, ARAHA’s evolving dairy cow program is an exciting and innovative initiative to expand nutritional security and income generation through a cooperative ownership model. As part of this program, a number of dairy cows are owned and cared for collectively by a community, and milk or income […]


Dairy Goat

One of ARAHA’s longest running and most successful programs, the dairy goat program helps struggling families to supplement their income and nutrition through the provision of a pair of diary goats. These goats are distributed in pairs of two to families in need, and the milk they provide can be used to supplement daily nutritional […]