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Over the years we have helped to empower hundreds of orphans across the Horn of Africa region (East Africa) with the support of our donors and partners. The orphan program has long been a fundamental component of our organization. We proudly provided sponsorship, general support, holiday gifts and much more. Our approach of taking care of sponsored orphans at ARAHA is simple; it is to have the orphan live with an immediate family or relatives. Also, we make sure if there is more than one orphan from the same family – brothers and sisters – that they stay together with the same guardian. Where they live in a healthy family atmosphere and do not have to suffer another emotional trauma of separation after the loss of their parents or one of them. Through small monthly contributions, donors can choose to make a lasting impact by becoming sponsors. The sponsorship covers the basic cost of food, shelter, and education. Each donor receives personalized information about the orphan they sponsor and semi-annual reports on the child’s wellbeing. The donor-orphan relationship is a special one in which an orphan feels empowered, and the donor feels a sense of humanity. Over the years, many children who have gone through our program become productive citizens who attend university, have careers and start families of their own.

Orphans project
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