Self Reliance

ARAHA’s programs are all guided by a desire to create viable pathways to opportunity and economic independence for families in the Horn. Projects in the self-reliance program area specifically encourage and support the entrepreneurial thinking and community solutions of ARAHA beneficiaries by providing them with the tools they need to thrive. The donor-orphan relationship is a special one in which an orphan feels empowered, and the donor feels a sense of humanity. Over the years, many children who have gone through our program become productive citizens who attend university, have careers and start families of their own.

Self Reliance Projects

Orphan Shelter image

Orphan Shelter

At ARAHA we believe in the importance of keeping the orphan within the family unit, rather than buil...

Dairy Goat image

Dairy Goat

One of ARAHA’s longest running and most successful programs, the dairy goat program helps stru...

Dairy Cow image

Dairy Cow

Grounded in similar logic to the dairy goat program, ARAHA’s evolving dairy cow program is an...

Donkey Cart image

Donkey Cart

In a region where transportation options are often limited and prohibitively expensive, small carts...

Micro Finance image

Micro Finance

Many of our best self-reliance projects in the Horn are the result of new ideas or creative solution...

Family Shelter image

Family Shelter

Self-reliance is, in many ways, a reflection of stability, and ARAHA’s self-reliance programs...

Self Reliance General Support image

Self Reliance General Support

ARAHA’s programs are all guided by the goal of creating viable pathways to opportunity and eco...