Shegerab medical convoy

By: ARAHA | Publish date: March 17, 2016

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About a couple of months ago a team of medical staff embarked on a journey to Shegerab refugee camp to help treat over 5,000 refugees, Many of whom had never been treated by a doctor or nurse before. Just being diagnosed, or the sight of a doctor was something as rare as an eclipse. It would be understated to say that it was well appreciated.Although we were able to treat most of them, we were unable to treat over 180 people in need of cataract surgery, due to time constraint and other factors.

This Past month a miracle happened, it was as if all was planned and waiting for this moment. Our Executive Director, Mohamed Idris, and the ARAHA team in Sudan came across an organization called Al Basar International Foundation who partnered with ARAHA to help to provide the cataract surgery for over 180 people from Shegerab refugee Camp and Kilo 26 camp. The surgery was conducted at their Mecca Hospital in Kasala City, Sudan. ARAHA provided transportation from and to the camp.

It was a day filled with joy and happiness, as the day came as a surprise to many. We would like to send a warm gratitude to Mecca Hospital in Kassala and their wonderful team for making this happen. You’ve helped to restored clear vision to over 180 people, thus enabling them to see their families and go about the daily life a little easier.