Solar Energy for Ethiopian Students
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Light Up a Life

Illuminating Opportunities for Ethiopian Students

In Ethiopia, over half of the population lacks access to electricity, profoundly impacting rural communities. Students struggle with educational achievements as darkness falls early, and reliance on biomass for light is prevalent but harmful.

Our goal is to alleviate the challenges faced by students by partnering with MPowerd to provide 300 solar lights. This will enhance their ability to study after dark and improve their overall educational outcomes.

  • Students entitled for lighting and the problem of studying and doing homeworks at night relieved.
  • Meager sources of income that the family used to incur for buying firewood and kerosene shifted to other needs of the family.
  • By providing solar lights, we empower students to study after dark, improving academic performance and offering equal educational opportunities. This initiative not only illuminates their homes but also brightens their futures, creating a foundation for lasting community development and resilience
  • Knowledge and skills transfer optimized.
  • Health statuses of beneficiaries improved.
  • An input is registered in the area of forest conservation and environmental protection.
  • Students inspired for better educational performances and class attendances.

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