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Dear Friends and Supporters,

In the heart of Sudan’s crisis, amidst the turmoil and displacement, the Sudan Emergency Relief campaign stands as a pillar of hope and support for those who have lost everything.

Feeding Center
Our feeding centers are daily combatting malnutrition, providing essential meals to displaced families. This service is more than a meal; it’s a lifeline in these turbulent times.

Medical Services
With hospitals out of reach for many, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals travels to the heart of displaced communities, delivering vital medical care and essential medicines to those in dire need.

Orphan Sponsorship
The conflict’s toll on children is devastating. We extend our hand to orphans and widows, offering them cash support, ensuring they receive the care and compassion they deserve in their time of greatest need.

Daily Essentials
We supply the necessities – from bedding and sanitary products to clothes and more – essentials that many had to leave behind in their flight for safety.

Your Support Can Make a Difference
The plight of those affected by the Sudanese conflict calls for immediate action. Your donation can breathe life into our efforts, providing sustenance, health, and hope to those who need it most.

Will you stand with us? Your contribution today can change lives tomorrow.

With gratitude,

Sr. Nasrieen Habib

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