Sudan Relief
Swift Response and Sustained Support

ARAHA's Lifeline in Sudan's Crises

ARAHA responds quickly to Sudanese family difficulties. As drought, starvation, and war affect the region, ARAHA’s resources and services vary. Emergency food baskets, clean water trucks, and temporary shelter are examples. ARAHA helps families cope and build resilience. We are always prepared and can respond rapidly to disasters thanks to our general disaster relief fund.

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Sudan Relief

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When crisis strikes in Sudan, ARAHA mobilizes quickly to give families the support they need to come out strong after such times of upheaval. In a region too often affected by drought, famine, and armed conflict, the resources and services ARAHA provides vary greatly according to the circumstances. Sometimes this entails emergency food baskets, while other times it involves trucking in clean water supplies or providing temporary shelter. Whatever the situation, ARAHA works to sustain families through difficult periods, giving them the opportunity to devise viable resiliency plans for the future. Our general disaster relief fund ensures we are never caught off guard when disaster strikes and that we are able to respond immediately and efficiently wherever we are needed

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Sudan's Escalating Humanitarian Crisis

One Year into Conflict and Displacement

One year after the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) went to war on 15 April 2023, Sudan faces one of the fastest-growing crises in the world with enormous requirements. Over 14 million people—including children—need humanitarian aid. Under FEWS NET’s famine alert, 17.7 million people—more than one-third of the country’s population—are acutely food insecure (IPC3+). Famine threatens 4.9 million of these. Over 8.6 million people—16% of the population—have emigrated since the conflict began. They have fled to Sudan or neighboring nations, making Sudan the world’s worst displacement catastrophe.
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Have fled the country
Sudan is facing the largest child displacement crisis in the world. The internally displaced people (IDPs) are originally from 12 states, with the majority – about 3.5 million people (54 per cent of all IDPs post-April) – from Khartoum. Most sought refuge in South Darfur most of which saw high levels of violence recently – and other states. As the conflict spread into Aj Jazirah in December, more than half a million people had to flee in a month, many for a second time having previously displaced from Khartoum.
Response Plan
Feeding Center
Provides daily meals to families to combat malfunction. It is a lifeline for displaced families.
Medical Services
With closure of hospitals, we provide doctors to visit IDPs and provide essential medical care and essetial medicine.
Orphan Sponsorship
As the conflict continues, the most vulnerable populations suffer even greater. We provide cash support to orphans and widows.
Daily Essentials

We provide daily essentials that people couldn’t carry with them like Bed, Sanitary paid, Diapers, Clothes and More.

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