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Where We Work

ARAHA’s presence in the Horn of Africa underscores the critical need for humanitarian assistance and support for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Horn of Africa, addressing issues such as food security, healthcare, shelter, and livelihoods support while also recognizing the strengths and capabilities of each nation to thrive.

Sudan, with its diverse cultural landscape and strategic location, has faced protracted conflicts, internal displacement, and humanitarian crises, particularly in regions like Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile. Despite these challenges, Sudan is an important economic and cultural center in the region. The country hosts a large refugee population and has its own internally displaced population, with millions of people forced to flee their homes due to conflict, violence, and natural disasters.

Somalia, situated along the eastern coast of Africa, has faced significant challenges including prolonged conflict and political instability. Despite these hurdles, Somalia boasts a strategic location along the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, offering potential opportunities for economic development. However, the country also grapples with widespread humanitarian challenges such as food insecurity, malnutrition, inadequate healthcare, and limited access to clean water and sanitation. Somalia hosts a large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, drought, and other emergencies. Efforts toward stabilization and rebuilding infrastructure are ongoing, aiming to improve the lives of Somalis and create a path towards sustainable development.

Kenya, known for its vibrant economy and diverse landscapes, also faces humanitarian challenges such as poverty, food insecurity, and inadequate access to healthcare and education, particularly in marginalized communities. Despite these challenges, Kenya serves as a regional hub for commerce and culture and hosts a significant refugee population, mainly from neighboring countries like Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia, as well as internally displaced persons (IDPs) due to conflicts and natural disasters.

Ethiopia, with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, grapples with recurrent droughts, food insecurity, and internal conflicts, leading to significant humanitarian needs. However, the country is also a diplomatic center in Africa, hosting the headquarters of the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Ethiopia is home to one of the largest refugee populations in Africa and has its own internally displaced population due to conflicts and intercommunal violence.

Djibouti, despite its small size, plays a significant role in the Horn of Africa due to its strategic location near the world’s busiest shipping lanes. The country faces challenges such as food insecurity and limited natural resources, impacting the well-being of its population. Additionally, Djibouti is a host to refugees from conflict-affected areas in the region, striving to provide humanitarian assistance amidst these challenges.

Eritrea, known for its diverse cultures and historical sites, confronts issues like political tension and economic hardship, driving many to seek refuge abroad. ARAHA assists Eritrean refugees in neighboring countries, focusing on critical needs such as food, healthcare, and education, aiming to support those displaced by the country’s challenges in finding stability and safety.

In Yemen, amidst challenging circumstances, a significant community of Eastern African refugees seeks hope and a fresh start. Araha is on the ground, working directly with these families and individuals, focusing on creating sustainable pathways to stability and growth.

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